What are the Features that an Online Social Poker Games Must Have?

What are the Features that an Online Social Poker Games Must Have?

The social poker world is definitely changing the norms for revenues with regular cash flows. These poker game apps and websites are providing the big giant prizes as rewards and tournaments to create more engage the players more. These are the reasons why players are finding poker more fun games across the globe. There are several myths around the game of poker but players are preferring both social poker games as well as real-money games too with the same zeal.

The online social poker game applications will obviously offer the non-monetized prizes. As social poker games are simply for fun, enjoy risks, meet the experts of poker games there. What more interesting is that the players in their relaxed, no stress and amicably social environments where players can learn the fundamentals.

Why social games are so popular?

Social games are popular because of its ease and simple approach, In some countries like China they have considered age-restricted casino games similar to Slot and Bingo, etc. Social games are those games that players find easy to adapt, learn, and communicate to make a social circle for the game with the same as people.

Online Social Poker Games

Who plays social poker games?

Players who love simple poker

The players who enjoy their gaming with poker without considering any win or loss of money. They only play to gain good experience and have a fun and relaxed time.

Players who need their relaxed time

Players take a small break and relax and relieve their stress. They play poker games to divert their mind and destress.

Where poker is growing popular?

Poker is showing great hype, interest, and growth across the globe but they have the strongest grasp in countries like Israel, USA, Cambodia, Philippines, India, UK, Middle East, Libya, UAE, Egypt, Italy, Kuwait, Dubai, Brazil, Florida, Saudi Arabia.

What are the must-have features in an online social poker game?

Any poker game development company or card game development company must be aware and note about the features that any online social poker games must carry. from a technical perspective, these social poker game development is well carried by poker programmers and poker game developers using Unity and Cocos2D game engines and any card game developer can use these game engines to create a poker games app. These are the following features in an online social poker game.

Login System

A proper login criterion defines the security and integrity to the player. They are given two ways to login or signup with email and secured password as well as can be socially integrated with Facebook. Thus, the poker game programmers or developers must support their poker game app with either way to login to the game with Facebook or email or play as a guest.

In Facebook login, the poker game API must be well integrated with Facebook. With these features, they can connect with their Facebook friends who are playing the same game.

The “Guest Login” allows the players to play without any login procedure or verification as they are given a unique User_ID assigned to every individual player, they can play the game as long as they want still will lack with the features or benefits that are given to the Facebook or email logged-in session.

Poker Variation like Omaha, Holdem

These poker game apps must have several variants to be more preferred. Texas Holdem and Omaha are the most popularly played variants of the poker, which is why every social poker game MUST have these two variations in it. Poker game developers need to ensure that poker players must come across these game variants to retain the engagement for longer time.

Tournament & League

The elements which are keeping the players hooked to your social poker game is inclusion of weekly challenges and tournaments. Any poker or card game developers must ensure the following features to create engaging and interesting game play for the players.

The Seasonal Challenges:-

Here, the random challenges and small table tournaments which can be controlled by the time where players are assured offered with gifts or rewards to improve their game rankings.

Weekly League:-

These leagues can help in leveling the retaining factors of the players at major heights by providing them weekly challenges with just regular and small games they are playing. These challenges are sported by the increase in difficulty level. The players strive to earn XPs on playing and winning hands, including the huge sum at the end of finishing the challenges successfully or winning it. They may receive the rewards which can be redeemed later as well.

Poker game development company need to plan their league or challenges to advance their game among their competitors to stay at top and updated. The better simpler yet tricky challenges will be player would like to stick to the game or return to the poker game application again and gain.

Weekly Ranks and Leader boards

The weekly ranks and challenges help in maintaining the competitive streak among the players where leader boards and weekly challenges are proven to be their booster. They keep on returning to the game to challenge with fellow poker players and friends and to stay at the top among their community of the game.

This weekly ranking system is another format to retain or engage the player with the game. The leader board is prepared is prepare on several factors like the number of weeks, months, days, etc. which depends upon the game play and winnings players won.

Create a game community

A game community will help in solving the poker gaming mechanics where players converse about social poker games. The poker development company should include these features which can help the poker game players by connecting them with their community, from sharing the tips form veteran poker players to improve their poker skills, socialize by sending friend requests, share the coins, etc with their friends.

Referral programs

This trait is considered to be the best channel to market your game amidst the other audiences. The Unity Game Development company must prepare their poker game development flow where players invite their real friends on the game and increase the players who can actual enjoy the poker.

For instance, sharing and accepting the rewards to both sender and receiver end players encourages the players to put the game in good light and expand the number of poker players in your game.

Sending Gifts to each other

Any card game development company can also use this feature to improve the purpose of socializing through poker games with interaction and community gesture for the players. They may include the internal chats as well as the sharing of the gifts to each other.

Online Social Poker Games


How to monetize social poker games?

Though, earning with social poker game is a great value, even their revenue cash flow never seems to drain out from any end. That is why it’s very necessary to know how to monetize the social poker game application with profits.

In-App Purchase

This method is the most common and the simplest way to boost the revenue creation for the poker development company straight from the poker game app. The game developer must ensure to offer the free coins, boosters and many more power-ups are available in the in-application stores. Players can pick to buy their package to continue in their game.

Rewards from Video Ads:-

This method is considered under an advertisement which is the easiest method of monetization, without any extra effort from the players. Here, third party videos or advertisement is pushed before or after the game plays, which results in providing the rewards often, such as free coins to the players.

The reason behind this surging popularity of the social poker game is its free of cost availability on Appstores and Playstores. This poker game is here ruled by the players who are enjoying the game by playing, engaging and hence promoting the poker game apps by themselves. This is why this game of poker is crucial among the players but also important for the poker development company, who want to create poker app updated at regular intervals even after putting poker app for sale which poker operators can buy poker game apps or rent poker game app by including the improved graphics, intriguing gameplay and addon features like tournaments in the game.

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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What notable features is available in a poker game application like Pokermoogley?

We are constantly working for the latest and dynamic adaptations in our poker software. The notable features in our software are engaging and interactive game play, several variations (Holdem, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, 5 Card PLO), online and live chatroom, highly secure online payment system with the anti-fraud system, multiplayer game lobby and game tables.

2. Which technology stack is preferred by poker software like Pokermoogley?

Our poker Software developer prefers using the tech stack Unity, Cocos2D, Phaser, HTML5,Web Socket, Photon, NodeJS, MongoDB.

3. What variations must be available in an online poker game?

we offer Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Omaha Hi-Lo variations in Pokermoogley. We also add Tournament, races and races of poker in our online poker gaming solution.

4. By which payment gateway a poker software must be integrated?

Your online poker software must be integrated with scalable and reliable payment gateways which support multiple channels of transaction like VISA, MasterCard.

5. Does Pokermoogley software provide a demo for its online poker gaming solution?

Yes, Pokermoogley software provide a demo for its online poker Gaming Solution.

6. Why one should choose Pokermoogley as poker software?

We have been developing poker & currently working with multiple operators across the Globe. We can launch a game with our operator within 15 days.

7. Can you arrange a demo for your poker solution today?

Yes, we can arrange a demo for your Poker game by today. You need to fill the form available at contact us to contact our executive or you may send an email directly to rishabh@pokermoogley.com. We are available over call as well as WhatsApp at +91-8860912115. We will revert you with mail or call you for your request.

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