Online Poker Gaming Business

How Pokermoogley Will Help Your Online Poker Gaming Business?

Online poker game is known as one of the most popular games in the world which appeals to everyone, from any age group and from casual beginners on a budget to serious experts playing for thousands each hand. Therefore its no more a surprise that there are several online platforms and mobile apps all attempting to attract the millions of poker players. According to the old stats records, more than 80 million people in the USA play poker online for real money.

Online Poker Gaming Business

What Are The Reasons That One Should Prefer Online Poker Games?

You can find several reasons why to prefer online poker games.

Plenty of action

You can get to play multiple tables, you can have as much action as you can manage. Some poker websites even allow you to play as many as 40+ tables. which is not possible in live poker gaming session.

No problem in finding a game

You can easily lookup for the poker game; whether a cash game or, a tournament. You might have to play Holdem instead of Omaha. But you’ll always be able to find a game to join. That’s something is missed in live poker games.

Large guaranteed tournaments

Usually, brick and mortar casino comes up to host tournaments. Yet they don’t guarantee 6 and 7-figure frequent tournaments. Whereas most online poker rooms bring these tournaments once a week and that too frequently.

Lower limit games

You can get to play cash games for as low as $0.01/$0.02 per hand, or tournaments starting at .05

Online Poker Gaming Business

How Does Online Poker Work?

The online poker games come up with a wider range of poker game variants than in a brick and mortar casino. As online poker game version has infinite space which is also one of the reasons why players prefer them. Here’s a list of the poker games you can play online:

  • Texas holdem
  • Omaha
  • Stud
  • O.R.S.E
  • Razz
  • Pineapple
  • Mixed games

Then you have variations like:

  • 6 max
  • Heads up
  • Turbo
  • Super / hyper turbo
  • Deep stack
  • Bounty / knock outs

Which you can play in formats like

  • Cash games
  • Tournaments
  • Sit and go’s

Here the game stakes ranges from free to $0.01 to $2,000+ per hand/game.

Another big difference between live and online poker rooms is that online poker websites have a physical location, except housing tables, chairs and players. In live poker game sessions, the servers, customer support staff, and any other staff are needed to run their business as per the rules set by the gaming authorities and regulators based in the area their business is located.

For example, if your live poker business is setup in Las Vegas, then rules and regulations will be set up by the gaming authorities of Malta which they need to follow and such rules may vary from nationwide or statewise or even local wise.

There are several jurisdictions and licensing authorities. These are the most common ones:

  • Alderney
  • Gibraltar
  • Isle of Man
  • Costa Rica
  • Curacao/ Netherlands Antilles
  • Kahnawake

These rules extend to the types of customers, type of games, the chargeable fees, poker game software tests and so on.

If any poker business company ever fails to cope up with these rules, the jurisdiction can revoke their license. While the other online poker business may require networks or white label poker software solutions.

Online Poker Gaming Business

What are Networks aka White Label Poker Sites?

Basically white label solutions or products or services are developed by one company and produced by another organization with its label name is known as white label solutions. Most of the poker operators are preferring the white label poker software solutions for any online poker business company that could use to quickly jumpstart their poker program.

White label solutions generally means “business in a box”. This means the white label poker software solutions would supply all or a combination of the following:

  • Software
  • Customer support
  • Marketing
  • Promotions
  • Payment Processing
  • Shared player base

Online Poker Gaming Business

How Pokermoogley, Poker Game Software Solution Will Help Your Online Poker Gaming Business?

There are several poker software solutions in the world claiming to offer various services through their online poker game software solutions but here we are mentioning what you are getting from Pokermoogley poker software solutions and how it will be beneficial to your business.

Certified games and RNG (Random Number Generator) Algorithms

For any poker player, the prime concern appears as the cheating or any fraud happening in the online poker websites this is where this RNG algorithm is helping poker game software development solutions a big time. This algorithm runs across the 52 cards of the deck and its random number generator algorithm helps the dealer to deal the card without any sense of cheating or any biases. The Pokermoogley poker software development solutions have the certified RNG algorithm which is developed with the help of the veterans and expert poker developers and is certified by iTech land according to the International gaming standards ensuring to offer fair play to the users.

Fully Customized Software

Pokermoogley pledges to offer such poker gaming software solutions that are flexible enough for any customization. It lets the players adjust their game room and design as per their choices with design and skins adjustment of the poker table, games and tournament types, and game features in the software.

Full control Over the Back-office Management

This poker software development solution is strong;y backed by backend which efficiently manages the user, their games, bankrolls, etc with its high quality and intelligent analytical tools to understand the growth and fall of your business. Its backend can also manage the financial dashboards, various game variants available in the game. Pokermoogley also provides full control to the admin or poker operator who allows the roles and control access to the users with different job roles.

Anti-Bot and Anti-Fraud systems

Pokermoogley is simply a real money multiplayer poker game that is against the other players against each other. They acknowledge the antibot mechanisms to ensure that there is no cheating in the game. It only brings the real-time players to join the poker table and each player is well managed and verified with its unique user name.

Various Monetization medium

There are several means to monetize the poker game to make it a profitable business avenue. These mediums include real money rake, membership subscriptions and free-to-play, etc. Usually, poker operators or poker casino owners prefer real-money rake mechanism in their online poker gaming business.

Flexible Rake and Chip Prices

Pokermoogley poker game software solutions offer the flexibility to poker operators to set their own finance management tool. They can set the rake size and can also manage the chip prices.

Readymade Integrations with various Payment Gateways

The real money poker needs the cash to play the game and while playing on an online poker gaming platform. The poker game must have safe and secure payment gateways that include net banking, cards, wallets, UPI & more including cryptocurrency if needed.

Easy Marketing Tool

Pokermoogley is such an affluent and powerful poker game solution as a CRM as well. Using it poker operators or poker gaming business owners can create or set the promotional campaigns with it. They can adjust the affiliate promotions, set promo code, bonuses, freerolls, jackpots etc in their Pokermoogley CRM as the easiest tool to market the game.

If you want to buy poker software or rent poker software or a fledged poker development solutions, you may drop a line through the form on the contact us or write an email on You may whatsapp them at +91-8860912115.


Take the demo from the link and credentials given as follows.

Demo Website:

Demo Android:-

Back Office:-

Back Office Username:- Admin
Back Office Password:- H6C8Zm3X

Test Players Credentials Are:-

Username: play002 , play003, play004, play005, play006
Password: 111111

Frequently Asked Question

1. Do you offer the assistance with the solution package?

Yes, We offer full technical and host support for a period of time as mentioned and maintained by the license or package you choose.

2. What notable features is available in a poker game application?

We prefer inclusion of latest and dynamic adaptations in our poker software. The notable features in our software are engaging and interactive gameplay, Variation (Holdem, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, 5 Card PLO), online and live chatroom, highly secure online payment system with the anti-fraud system, multiplayer game lobby and game tables.

3. How much time does it take to launch the poker games on the platforms once I license Pokermoogley Poker Software solution?

We have various operators across the globe. We can launch the poker game software with them with in 7-15 days.

4. What variations must be available in an online poker game?

At Pokermoogley, we provide Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Omaha Hi-Lo variations along with tournament of poker in our online poker gaming solution.

5. By which payment gateway a poker software must be integrated?

Your online poker software must be integrated with scalable and reliable payment gateways which support multiple channels of transaction like VISA, MasterCard.

6. Can I control over what variants and features running on my poker software?

Yes, Since, the software is own by you, you have complete command and control over all the variants of the game to run, add or delete them any time you want.

7. How many languages do you offer in your poker software?

English is the default language on our poker software. We are also offering the globally accepted language like German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Thai, Hangul, and many more languages.

8. Can you arrange a demo for your online poker software Solution?

Yes, we can arrange a demo for your poker game. You need to fill the form available at contact us to contact our executive. Else, you may send an email directly to or whatsapp or call us at +91-8860912115.

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