How New Legislation is Changing Scenario of Online Poker Game in Germany?

How New Legislation is Changing Scenario of Online Poker Game in Germany?

Recently, Online poker in Germany has created a huge news flash for implementing new legislation on online games like poker, etc.. The news made an uproar among all the popular poker operators for the legislation which significantly alters the playing parameters there. These regulations include strict tables and deposit limits as well as inflexible rules for know-your-customer (KYC) requirements. Right now this law is in the state of transitional tolerance but as reported to poker news outlets, it has been in effect since Oct 15 but for poker operators to operate online poker websites in Germany but for customers or players, it still has the deadline of July 2021.


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What Does it Store For German Online Poker Players?

This law will bring several significant changes for online poker players in Germany as players:

  • Players will be allowed to play a maximum of four tables altogether.
  • Players won’t be able to choose their seats or table select.
  • Players are limited at €1,000 in deposits per month.
  • Players will have access to a “panic button” to impose a self-ban for 24 hours instantly.

Though online poker websites already have tables caps in place, they are still using multi-table tournaments, and blind lobbies and seat selection.

In Germany, poker professionals are still not comfortable with limited cap deposit to €1,000 deposit limit and the stricter table limits is making a tough situation for them. Due to the country’s tax laws, most pros are considerably shifted but still, a few other aspects are making the game interestingly reliable, responsible, and secured than elsewhere at this point. This seating restrictions and table limits are in line with what some American-facing poker sites have done to sustain and recover the overall health of the ecosystem. It seems that the German government isn’t wavering to look upon the concerns about that, however.

Where recreational players may not find the alternative and may forcibly reduce their actions and time over the online poker gaming solutions because of these reasons as they have got another task of accomplishing the verification in addition with the documents such as the providing copies of utility bills or confirming their identities via webcam.


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More Stringent Regulations Down the Line?

These regulations don’t end straight here, as the multi-table gameplay is getting axed to a maximum four-table limit. It would be hard for poker operators to enforce this on their online poker game development software solutions since players could presumably play four tables at each client they were able to open and run simultaneously. There are already speculations made that poker operators will be required to pool their operations and references into a central database so everything can be cross-checked and limits on tables and deposits imposed universally.

However, it still not confirmed that if this setup will comply with European data protection laws, as it may end up being unfeasible. These issues are still in discussion among the German players as several posters on online poker news sites revealed their concern over this yet they think that the data protection laws would prevent that from happening.

However, it’s also reported that the €1,000 monthly deposit limit is considerable “less restrictive” than what’s coming along with the full implementation of the regulations by July 2021.


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How is it Affecting the Poker Operators in Germany?

All of the above concerns are surrounding the online poker players which made several poker operators to pull their business from Germany. However, few poker game development software solutions providers, poker game development company in Germany are trying to come up with new platforms compatible with the new rules and regulations to make the online poker game as a perfect scope for the potential business opportunity again. One of the famous and popular poker game outlet is supposed to start by November 2020, adjusting their business as per new laws for the game. Where the previous poker operators are plugging out there, players will have lesser options which means a decline in the competition as well.

This new regulation may come out as an advantage for the new poker operators who are looking to step in the online poker gaming industry with the help of new and advanced poker gaming solutions from the outstanding poker game development company.

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